What we can do for you



We are more than happy to fit stoves and accessories already purchased by the customer or we can take the worry of sourcing all you need away from you and supply and fit everything.

Our friendly team will meet with you at a time convenient with yourself, including evenings and weekends and go through your installation step by step.

We have access to awkward chimneys too with our cherry picker and scaffolding options as well as our ladders.

All of our installations are fully insured and come with the piece of mind that as HETAS qualified installers our work is signed off to a building control and you will receive a certificate from your local council after installation.


Sussex Stoves & Maintenance are a member of the National Association of Chimney Sweeps and offer chimney sweeping services for all chimneys and will be issued with a valid certificate of sweeping recognised by the insurance companies.

We are very tidy and efficient when chimney sweeping and will leave absolutely no mess due to using a new product called SweepSeal which seals the stove/fireplace and stops all dust and mess going into your room. So No Mess No Dust No Fuss!

Having your chimney swept regularly will not only keep you safe but can also save you money.

Your chimneys need sweeping at these intervals to remain efficient and insured:

  • Smokeless fuel – Once a year
  • Coal – Twice a year
  • Wood burning – Quarterly (when in use)
  • Gas – Once a year Oil fired – Once a year


It is important to keep your stove well maintained as well as having your chimney swept
A poor fitting door or broken fire bricks can have an adverse effect on the performance of your stove and result in leaking dangerous carbon monoxide into your room or burning out the sides of your stove and thus making your guarantee invalid. Also in many cases now insurance companies will ask to see proof of a maintenance record should a claim involving the stove be made.

Here at Sussex Stoves and Maintenance we offer a comprehensive range of spares and servicing for a wide range of stoves.

It is really important to understand how your stove works and what fuel to use. When using solid fuels such as coal your chimney should be swept at least twice a year to ensure its clear from debris/soot build up and minimise the risk of a chimney fire. We recommend sweeping is carried out at the start of the season and then half way through, however if you burn more regularly it may be necessary to have your chimney swept more often.

When burning logs it’s important to bear certain things in mind:

  • All wood should be seasoned and have a moisture content of less than 25% when delivered and be below 20% when used.
  • Logs should be stored under cover but it is important to let them breath, putting them under a polythene sheet for example will just make them sweat and go mouldy!

As part of our survey we are happy to discuss storage options with you including supplying/building you a log store to suit your needs, we can also recommend recognised log suppliers.  Please feel free to contact us and discuss any requirements you may have.